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Nov 22, 2013 4:00pm PST
as hate crimes. >> new information about last months murder of a massachusetts schoolteacher court documents show a 24-year-old was found in the woods with her throat cut and a note that read i hate you all. the documents also show the 14-year-old suspect planned the crime by bringing a box cutter, mask, gloves and multiple changes of clothing to school that day. >>> there new video today of last month's school bus hijacking in arkansas. police dash cam video shows kids running off of a bus command yooe yooerd -- by a knife wielding man. investigators say miller took the bus because he felt someone was after him. he's pled not guilty. >>> a police officer being called a hero for stopping an out of control car on a dash cam video. showing the car slamming into the side of police cruiser. officer showfield positioned his car in front of the speeding vehicle. turns out the 67-year-old driver had suffered a seizure and was barely conscious. air bags saved both drivers. >> just ahead dangers over what is being called the cotton ball diet. >> and a half court shot. big deal? it is when y
Nov 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
of the country than yearly tuition and fees. massachusetts had highest costs, at 16,500s aids year. california ranked 9th at 12,000 per year >> it's a lot of money. >> twitter raises its ipoz black berry gives up trying to find a buyer. >> emily chang is here now with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, just days ahead of it's expected public debut, twitter raised the price range from stock offerings planning to sell shares at 23ss today $25 a piece, up from an earlier range but that might not even be high enough. two people in the matter tell bloomberg the deal is several time oversubscribed black berry efforts to sell itselves to fallen apart the company will try to raise # million in financing the struggles don't end there the current ceo left the company and will be replaced by form former -- john chen. >> in honor of the faa's approval for in flight use, amazon is giving a discount on kindels and e readers. >> your bloomberg silicon valley index closing higher led by a gain in adobe and apple shares apple's new ipad air hit stores on friday. we're awaitin
Nov 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
. a security researcher with university in germany and university of massachusetts amhearst he says security engineers are working in secret when designing systems he says that is part of the problem. >> it's still widely used called security dial key. it's only secure as long as the bad guys don't know how it works. >> with computer security nothing is obscured. bad guys know how systems work. they just can't get to codes or keys. with cars once known, the codes and keys, professor says can be easily found. >> often, only a question of reverse engineering knowing how they work, once you know how they work it becomes easy to break. >> long beach police identified an electronic testing tool as the mystery device used to unlock vehicles they're in the releasing adecisional information. now, security experts i spoke with and i spoke with quite a few, are not sure. believing instead hackers from around the world are developing multiple devices. so, this comes back to where does this leave you? at this point the best way to protect yourself is remove valuables from your car. right now there isn't
Nov 9, 2013 4:00pm PST
with the university in germany and the university of massachusetts amherst. he says car sp security engineers are working in secret when designing security systems and that he says is actually part of the problem. you know, it's only secure as long as the bad guys don't know how it works. >> reporter: with computer security nothing is obscured chl the bad guys know how the security systems work but just can't get to the codes or keys. with cars, once the system is known the codes and keys the professor says can be easily found. often only a question of reverse engineering the system, knowing how they work. once unhow they work it becomes easy to break. >>> there isn't much car owners can do. the best way to protect yourself is remove valuables from your car. maybe there is something to the term manicure after all. i think a no brainer. the latest salon trend focuses on men. what one salon owner says was his motivation. >>> and heading live outside a beautiful look although some rain could be colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpa
Nov 11, 2013 4:00pm PST
is donating the $30 million collection to a massachusetts museum foundation to be put on display. the foundation will auction off half of the 240 vehicles to raise $10 million to build a museum on the east coast. >> yes. amazing amount of stuff. >> basketball player who is fast with his feet and hands. coming up, college basketball all star who wowed fan was a rubic's cube. >> today's seven on your side q and a is just ahead. you can contact me on finney abc7 and on twitter at m finny. i'll answer questions here in just a moment. >> i'm spencer christian. we can see clouds thickening in the northern sky. will clouds reach the bay area? the accu-weather forecast is next. >> this is not what you'd expect on a holiday. right? look at the traffic on the skyway. cars coming towards you trying to get on to the bay bridge. backed up but it's no picnic going the other direction, either. stay with us. abc7 new >>> about 600 pounds of space junk is now ocean junk. it fell into the atlantic ocean off south america. it fell to earth today after running out of fuel three
Nov 12, 2013 4:00pm PST
.59. oakland, $3.63. national average, you get it, less than what he pay. just $3.18. a massachusetts teen using a mac book pro grow going up against giant, apple computer about the definition of the word gay the 15-year-old becka goreman looked up the word gay, and horrified to see the third entry says gay means foolish, stupid it was offensive to becka, who has two lesbian moms she complained to tim cook and to her surprise, apple promised to look into the matter. so far, however, the entry remains the game. coming up at 5:00 high tech toys. i team up with consumer reports to find out which ones should be on your holiday shopping list. and which shouldn't. >> good to show >> thank you. >> up next work underway to bring a new beach to the area. >> we'll give you at look at what is accomplished today. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 headed to hawaii. who is paying for state lawmakers to say aloha to sand and surf? what this woman did to land her in the record books. also, bay area model, peacemaker now in a national ad that to those who'v to those whoworried...... poked and prodded...
Nov 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
much so that lony left her home in massachusetts to study with marina hodgkins in the alonzo king lines ballet offered in san rafael. lony practices in the morning and returns to san rafael to do academic work in afternoons. >> i don't want to be like a half of my co-workers i want to be easy. i want them to challenge me. not hold back. >> she knows more about it than we do. it's hard to guide her, she's our teacher. wow, you know that is extraordinary you're able to figure that out there or how to balance that. or how to create that line. >> how difficult to not have the use of one arm? if you can show me? >> it's difficult to do pirouette turns. >> reporter: but she did it flawlessly. >> beautiful. >> reporter: she says her goal is to become a professional dancer some day. >> what a talent. >> amazing. >> she is. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >>> a potential hate crime in progress. why the school considers this a teachable moment. >> financial fight. the governor hands university of california and its n
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7